Mine To Breathe

by The New Tusk

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Released by Footloose Records (FLR004) on 7" vinyl (22/05/2014)
Recorded at Submarina Studios, Brighton (30/01/2014)
Produced by Steve Grainger
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Pearce
Photography by Joe Conway
Lyrics by Max Cleworth
All songs by The New Tusk (TNT002)



released May 22, 2014



all rights reserved


The New Tusk Brighton, UK

lo fidelity short attention span punk.

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Track Name: Much Better
Every fibre of my existence tells me I would be foolish if I were to miss this one
My motor mouth is going one mile a minute, who’s the cynic here? I’m not finished here
Who were you to tell me what I’d lose? You’re still my very best friend
Salt to the wound, I never knew what I’d ruin, I’ll never be able to listen to ‘maps’ again

If you cared for me
You’d learn to be happy on your own

Never, could I ever, have asked for it much better.
Track Name: The Kids Will Graze Their Knees
Boys will be boys, the fairer sex they need their buoyancy,
The kids will graze their knees don’t let it be
I’m quite frankly flattered that you would ask this of me
You take my breath away though it’s mine to breathe

I hate the aftermath, the aftermath is the hardest part

Stand and deliver, all my wants and needs
How on earth did I ever get to this place?
Never in my life have I heard such a lie
‘All the best things in life are free’

It’s not that I am not a nice person, but my reaction may be a little uncertain.
Track Name: Spine Straight
Sometimes I get scared that you don’t know how much I know you care
You’ll get it all reciprocated, you shouldn't hold your breath

Head up, spine straight, stand tall
You’re the best you have no downfalls
The standard’s set, I will try follow on
You should know you've set an example

I’ll probably bite my nails ‘til the day I die
If that’s my only flaw I think I’ll get by.
Track Name: I Feel It On My Chest
There’s a demon in the pit of your lung
It’s where he resides, where he hides from the sun
You know it gets boring, when people just aren't talking
You had the world in the palm of your hands,
You had it all, but with no fallout plans
You know I’m too lazy to hold a grudge I hope you are too

I feel it on my chest, so I guess I’ll just stay inside instead, yeah, that would be best

I’ll keep both feet placed firmly on, the side of the fence
Until it’s crushed by the weight of my indecisiveness.
Track Name: Buffer
You want little to no contact, I know
But this is me trying to keep my cool
Let my memory buffer, for now we’ll take it slow

If only I had time to prepare, you know I’d be devastating
But you tell me these things on the spot, and now I’m left devastated

Take it slow.
Track Name: Holland
I saved up all my money to take you to Holland
I’ll drop coin for the boys instead
It’s not even funny how little I resent you
But nothing sounds worse than ‘let’s stay friends’
A great boost to my ego, you know it was flying
Now it’s on the floor all bent

Props to your home town
Ain’t it done a great job in crafting
The perfect individual?
I’m telling I’m not asking

Summer will come again
I’ll still hate my job but you’ll hate your friends

Summer will come again.