by The New Tusk

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Released by Close To Home Records (CTH007) on tape (18/12/13)
Recorded at Submarina Studios, Brighton (30/10/2013)
Produced by Steve Grainger
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Pearce
Photography by Jaimee Arthurs
Lyrics by Max Cleworth
All songs by The New Tusk (TNT001)


released November 14, 2013



all rights reserved


The New Tusk Brighton, UK

lo fidelity short attention span punk.

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Track Name: Getting Lost
We'd wait for summer, anticipation so hard to replicate
Such a cold struggle. Entertained? Believe me

I tried to eclipse, the frames, I've filled on better days
With the thought of getting paid, at an impossible rate,
But the truth, though it hurts, might be the easiest way
To say goodbye to all the lost time spent on how we tried

A new year's approaching, twice as fast as the last
Does it count as coasting, if I've added no more to my name?

I'll never stray too far from home
At the fear of getting lost or alone.
Track Name: Tropical
I've nothing to even try to worry about
But sometimes, I get this sudden urge to leave
To go to a place where they think I'm tropical
Where nobody knows me, I like it that way

If only, I had more to do than just leave the house
On a daily basis, maybe I could figure out
Why carrying weight makes you such a better man
I guess I like acting of my own volition

Some may try, and fail
I think I'd rather settle down in the sticks

If finance is any measure of success
It's safe to say I'm yet to try my best
I owe my wage, split up, to my best friends
I know next week that I'll have borrowed it all again

The only thing you ask for
Is the weight of the world
And a social diet
You think you deserve.
Track Name: The Twist
What's happened to you baby?
I knew you liked to twist?
We all know you love dancing,
But dancing like this?

Quote "love of my life'
Was said for the first time

Confide in me, give me the time of day and the room to breathe
Confide in me, give me the time of day, I'll give you the room to leave.
Track Name: Tread Lightly
It's amazing what you can learn in a year
about a conversation I never wish we had
It's amazing what you can learn in a year
about a conversation that I never wish we never had

Tread lightly, cos you're walking on eggshells

I'm so full of myself.
Track Name: Call It Gold
Imagine a room where opinion didn't matter,
conversation would be shattered, now I'm shattered at the thought
But like blood from a stone, or splitting the atom
Some people just can't fathom thinking about something more

If you call it gold,
is it set in stone?
I can figure these things out on my own
Stop calling gold, its getting old

Call it gold,
Set in stone.
Track Name: A Boxer Broke My Best Friend's Jaw
You can't leave with my teeth
I'd rather you took my pride
We live in social circles where only the strongest survive
I'd rather die

Remember me in three years time
as I started bands and you started fights

Remember me or not, I'll get by.