by The New Tusk

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Released by Beach Community (BC014) on 12" vinyl (08/04/16)
Recorded at Emeline Studios, Kent (Spring 2015)
Engineered & Mixed by Ian Sadler
Mastered by Bob Weston
Photography by James-Jones Unwin
Lyrics by Max Cleworth
All songs by The New Tusk (TNT004)


released April 8, 2016

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all rights reserved


The New Tusk Brighton, UK

lo fidelity short attention span punk.

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Track Name: Under Something
A house, so clinical and perfect, is the furthest thing from home
Imagine that, I’m out of practice, with the one thing that could keep me grounded
To get over it, I’ll get under something that makes me feel quite frankly perfect

And once round the sun again, on a sphere of which I’ve seen nothing
It’s safe to say that we’ve all got our problems, how bad’s water when you’re wet?

A life, glued to your bed, how stale. What keeps us here, lodged like nails?

I love the coast, it’ s got its secrets, some excuses know you’ re a keeper.
Track Name: Grey Market
Fate would have it, it’s a grey market, charisma and a jawline, and a pocket full
All the money in the world won’t always buy your favourite song
To send a family into space is to take the long way home
I thought that all of these customs would have now been outgrown
All the words you say won’t mask the taste of the ridicule
The taste in my mouth is getting old, so stay outside despite the cold
We could be a vocal trebuchet armed to the teeth with poor vernacular
In sync we think the same but nothing’s ever gonna change.
Track Name: Speed Wobbles
I’m not as close to you as much as I should be, but I’d still tell you everything
All the missed birthdays, I guess I’m trying to find an easy way to say, I’m sorry and I owe you
I’m going nowhere help me out, you know that you’re the best at throwing rope at times
Never had a shadow of a doubt that you’d make them proud
The mid-nineties you’re on the radar, sibling rivalry, what a myth
Remember when you rode your bike into all those gas cans and didn't laugh
The view from the inside holds no natural light
Don’t let the defect to yourself be your employment
No art to winging it, it’s luck and lack of
Don’t talk about the past, ‘cause it gets boring
We should go outside, enjoy the weather
Let’s relax the term “forever more”.
Track Name: Tilt Your Head Back
Let’s clear the history it’s best if they don’t know
I didn't try all that hard, I shut the window to the world
They’re best not knowing the nothingness I’ve seen
I could've run a tighter ship instead of skimming stones into the sea
But I love that feeling when you relax and slowly tilt your head back
Let’s spend our money on things we don’t need ‘cause when the light turns green it stays green
Next summer, I’ll see the whole world.
Track Name: Hangs Lifeless
Should we apologise, for the amount we tried?
It was quite a lot, it was quite a lot
I never thought you were bad news
A cigarette hangs lifeless from your lips, I know I’ll never be as cool as this
Let’s redefine the backbone, angle it more towards self-control
Nobody likes being alone, I think I need some time on my own
I’ve got a truth for you I’d have split the atom had you wanted me to
Sometimes now you’ll still wade into my peripheral
Sounding alarms, sounding alarms
The way my mother spoke of you
I know it’s up to you, it’s your body you can do as you choose
I just with it was with me, I just wish it was with me
Say it slow, don’t get confused, better yet tell me tomorrow
There was a time when they’d say your name, my heart would break for you from miles away
Now that I’m fine I feel wide awake, I don’t want to sleep through every day.
Track Name: Cold Steine
You want a place where you feel at home well the concrete’s never dry
The water tastes like water, the wine still tastes like piss
I could get used to this, I was born used to this
Ambiguity will get the best of me, so I’ll wait here poised at the edge of my seat, for it to get me
I know some people they don’t say what they, what they really want.