Monster Trucks

by The New Tusk

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Released by Get Into It Recs (GII018) on cassette tape (24/10/2014)
Recorded in rehearsal rooms and Seb's bedroom (Summer 2014)
Produced by The New Tusk
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Pearce
Photography by The Galante Family
Lyrics by Max Cleworth
All songs by The New Tusk (TNT003)


released October 24, 2014



all rights reserved


The New Tusk Brighton, UK

lo fidelity short attention span punk.

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Track Name: Nice Charity
The fundamentals are brilliant, just try take a different approach
Yeah I’ve seen the face & it stares back like the plague
Well, what’s the point in even doing it if not to tell?
Try and hide your pride, it don't come across so well

The way we look, the way we breathe, yeah, damn straight, we aim to please
I’ll save them all the monkeys & the trees
Can’t you tell it’s all for them? Or justification of my friends
I know your game, yeah right, nice charity

Live like a prick ’til you’re 60, volunteer your way into the promised land
I’ll be there watching, an unhelpful, selfish man
Nothing but the weight of my own shoulders to hold me down
At least I’ll promise honesty when there’s no one else around.
Track Name: Toystory
How do you do it?
Treat me like you do
Sweep me off my feet until they've left the room
It seems I've been lied to for quite a while
Angels don’t fly, they just fall with style

I've seen it first hand
You’re so far from a man

If it’s a power thing, or
A bit of fun
Talk to her like that again
I’ll rip the teeth from your gums

If you had a point you should know that I missed it
But I don’t think that I’d say I wish you never existed
Once a loving touch, now turned into a fist, yeah
Underlying story that’s been unearthed & twisted.
Track Name: Uncomfort
Mother it’s been so long, ‘cos every time we talk I feel alone,
I am not a writer, but I could write the book on being homesick
It's such a good job, that me and my all my friends totally sync

When things seem too good to be true I'll get attacked by an impulse of pendulous moods

I keep a small piece of my home in my back pocket I know it won’t solve all my problems
But if you’re feeling like you’re falling, yeah, you’re slipping off of your axis, it’s ok to not grasp this

Good luck.
Track Name: Stones To Make It
I've been thinking about it lately, would I want you to say it all again?
Your head fits so well upon my chest, yeah, we tessellate

Where in the world, yeah, would I be, with no I-owe-yous?
You promised me, that you’d never hit the streets, mine to hold, yeah, mine to keep
You wanted to know my words of 16? Lucky you, you've got 2 EPs
Does it still mean that much to me?

Humans are strange creations, intelligent & complacent
You want the stones to make it? You’re gonna have to be ruthless

If you’re sick to your stomach and every pore sweats,
Remember this routine is run on empty threats.